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Ventura County
P-20 Council


What is the Ventura County P-20 Council?

LearnThe Ventura County P-20 Council (VC P-20) is a group of key decision makers from education, business, parent organizations, government and community agencies who bring together partners throughout the region to promote and to support the strengthening of educational and career pathways from pre-school (P) through college and career (20).



The VC P-20 Council:

  • Encourages the belief that ALL children can complete a college degree and/or attain a successful career.
  • Promotes academic models and programs that enable student success in college and career paths and support workforce needs.
  • Facilitates sharing of data as guideposts.
  • Increases public awareness of the link between an educated citizenry and a healthy economy


Mission Statement

The Ventura County P-20 Council serves as an engine to advance academic achievement and eliminate performance gaps thereby promoting college completion, career preparation, and lifelong learning for Ventura County.   



The Ventura County P-20 Council values the academic preparation and success of students in our region, including the need for business, community, and family involvement. In addition, the Council values collaboration and cooperation among partner organizations and the engagement of the entire membership.



The Ventura County P-20 Council envisions a strong collaboration among educational, business, and community organizations to create a culture that supports the knowledge and workforce needs of our region.